Me the Person | The True Side In Ones Life 

First, I would like to share that I genuinely believe that there is no such thing as a "perfect life". I believe that some us have something other's do not, while others may have that very thing we wish we had. I also believe nobody in life is perfect, I personally like to consider myself as a "work in progress!"

I was born and raised in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and I am first generation Mexican-American. Briefly relocated to Los Angeles for a great five years, but I made my way back to my hometown area to be closer to my family and am currently living in San Francisco (such an amazing town!)

The Husband

I am grateful to be able to be sharing my life with my partner and future husband, Jesse, of five years. The brief on our store, is that we met online (Facebook), while I lived in San Jose and he in L.A., I relocated to "make the relationship work" and here we are five years later in S.F. He is a huge part of my motivation in life, in working hard to build a better tomorrow, and grow as a person to be the best man and husband possible. Again, nobody or no relationship is perfect - but, one should do the best one day at a time.

The Son
When I was growing up, my best friend was my mom. She is the one whom I shared with everything and she shared as much as possible with me. We had an amazing bond which only grew throughout the years as I experienced life and was able to share that level of connection with my mom. Yes, I was the first to say I would never leave home, yet I was the first to do so. However, this special bond does not ever change with a few miles in between. She is a part of me and I owe her the blessing of having life.
The Brother
It has been quite a gift to be the youngest of three siblings, to my brother Jose and sister Jackie. From following their footsteps, learning from them, sharing life experiences and challenges, to growing up and being able to also be there for them in return. They are two of my best friends and simply put, my life has that much more meaning because of them.
The Uncle
I am blessed to be an uncle to two beautiful young girls, Kylie & Julianna, daugters of my sister, Jackie.

The Friend
Do you believe in having 5 good friends or 10 acquaintances? Personally through life experiences, I have learned to love the valuable meaning of having a hand-full of close friends. Whather they are in your life for a brief meaning time in life or a lifelong journey.